“Don’t Forget Your Physical Self When Building Your Social Self”

Friday, September 30, 2016

The age of the digital recruitment generation is wholly upon us and as the move from active to passive candidate search becomes more prevalent, all of us within the recruitment community are (or at least should be) striving to build our social media presence and personality. We are constantly driven to improve our online network, our social media face and to move into the digital age of networking and relationship building, and this is undisputedly valuable and essential for future success within the recruitment sphere. What does this bring to us?


People interact and engage with people that they know and trust. That visible social brand gives a tangibility to you as a recruiter and your business as a whole. You become a person with a profile image and recommendations which gives potential candidates and clients a level of trust in who you are and what you can help them to achieve.

Brand Awareness

As people interact with you more and more, your brand, logo and corporate face become more familiar. People in the social media space are 95% more likely to interact with you if they know and can identify with your brand as being someone within their space that can add value to their individual goals and desires. Digital media is key to future brand recognition and cannot be overlooked or undervalued.


Social presence and your digital face creates a buzz within the market and as you develop your network and gain followers, your social capital increases and so does the buzz around you and your business. You can develop your position as a Thought Leader and expert within your field and become the go-to business for individuals within your sphere. Candidates and clients want to engage and work with the people they perceive to be the experts who can help them to achieve their aims.

This is how the future of recruitment and business interaction will go, this is undeniable as the digital world evolves in line with both technology and the desire for a “one click” lifestyle, but we cannot overlook the fundamentals of relationship building and the importance of face to face contact. Having been in the industry for sixteen years, I have always been a huge advocate of the physical meeting and the importance of a hand shake and eye contact between individuals.

We live in a business and personal age of social media and online communication with the world of email, text and snapchat to name a very small percentage, but the importance of the meeting cannot be ignored. A very early manager of mine in the early 2000’s once told me …. “People buy from people and never underestimate the power of personal interaction.” This is still fundamentally the same even in the digital and social age and that we now inhabit. Face to face meetings, interviews, client facility tours and social events create bonds that cannot be replicated via a media based interaction. To look someone in the eye and build a bond of trust over that important issue such as the next step in their career or that next critical hire to drive their business forward cannot be replaced.

I spend a lot of time with both clients and candidates and as I develop my social presence over time, I will always make time for that face to face interaction and contact as I always want to be remembered as an individual with a personality and character and not simply as a name on an email or a social media profile and I believe that this combination of the two worlds will drive the future success of any recruitment business and its recruiters.

Matt Harris FIRP – Associate Director, Consilium Recruit