Demand for Staff Reaches 17 Month High

Monday, February 13, 2017

The Labour Market report highlights several trends that hiring businesses and their recruitment partners must adapt and demonstrate agility around.  Anyone who follows my LinkedIn will know that I have been an avid campaigner in highlighting the skills shortage in the UK and its impact on the engineering and manufacturing sector in which Consilium Recruit operates.  The key findings from the report are that permanent placements have increased at the slowest pace since September and the UK Labour Market is now characterised by high demand for talent and short supply of talent to meet the demand.  Looking specifically at the Midlands region – permanent candidate availability fell at a faster pace than the UK average despite a strong showing from the South.  No one can be in doubt that the Jaguar Land Rover growth and the general ‘Midlands Engine’ blueprint are in full swing now, but hiring businesses need to be aware there is not an infinite supply of skilled candidates.  The increase in Interim/Temporary appointments highlights the level of urgency in the UK Labour Market across all sectors.

  • Slower increases in both permanent placements and temp billings
  • Demand for staff reaches 17-month high
  • Availability of permanent candidates drops at faster pace

As a recruitment partner to global organisations and innovative start-ups, Consilium Recruit recognise that the old recruiters adage of ‘candidates IN the market’ / candidates ON the market’ is now dead.  With such a demand for talent, Recruiters need to recognise that ALL candidates can be ON the market if the approach and the opportunity are attractive are managed with expert care and delivery. The recruitment industry needs to mirror it’s consultative model with clients with its candidates also, in a candidate starved market there is no place for transactional/commodity handling of vacancies nor candidates – partnership and relationship building will be the essential tool in addressing a challenge that could severely impact on UK Business if not managed appropriately and with agility.