Top mega food trends for 2018

Friday, March 23, 2018

Healthy living is clearly at the top of the food pyramid – again!


According to Euromonitor International in their recent report, these are the key trends expected to shape the packed food sectors during 2018:

  • The focus of the food industry continues to shift from weight management to nutrition and natural wellbeing.
  • Change in consumer preferences for different products for different occasions and in different geographies.
  • Growing popularity of Veganism

  • Consumers’ emphasis is shifting from possession to experience.
  • By 2021, modern grocery will account for less than half of the total consumer goods trade
  • By 2020 manufacturers will have had to cut sugar out of their products by 20%, with salt reduction targets following a similar framework

  • An increase in Syrian and Middle Eastern inspired flavours in western markets.
  • Globally, the fastest-growing household type is the single-person household.
  • Technology is becoming ever more important in the distribution of food.

Jamie Randall is our FMCG recruitment specialist

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