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The construction and infrastructure sector is taking significant strides in the adoption of new technologies. This shift is led in main by a number of key drivers including; environmental requirements & sustainability; a decreased labour force and resulting skill shortage; and finally the heightened competitiveness of the sector coupled with pressure on profit margins.

Accordingly, the sector has witnessed a number of significant advances in recent years including the adoption of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) to help architects and construction teams improve designs and detect design errors. Equally, 3D printing and modelling of buildings and structures is helping to improve and innovate BIM visualisation, plus it’s now possible to 3D print an entire house in less than 24 hours!

As for increased automation, robots are increasingly finding their place amongst the workforce on construction sites as well as in the manufacture of construction materials resulting in improved construction times and improved quality levels too.

Finally, sustainability in construction resulting in ongoing energy efficiency and the ultimate drive for low to zero carbon emissions has seen material innovation with better thermal performance being developed in products for a fraction of the cost of current solutions. As a result, modular and pre-fabricated buildings have also witnessed a major resurgence due to the promise of faster on-site assembly and higher quality, standardised builds.

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We have built an enviable reputation for recruiting Engineers, Management professionals and industry Executives within the following career disciplines:

  • Research, Design & Development
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  • Operations Management
  • Project Engineering
  • Programme / Planning Management
  • Consultancy
  • Regulation & Compliance
  • Commercial, Pricing & Risk
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Maintenance
  • Quality
  • Human Resources 
  • HS&E

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