Applying for jobs was a thankless process. So what changed this candidates mind?

I had been looking for new opportunities since I was made redundant in June 2018 after my employer decided to shut down the company website making 700 staff redundant.

 Since mid-June I had been applying for on average 6/7 jobs a day 7 days a week. Some jobs I found later had already been filled yet were still being advertised which was extremely frustrating.

 My employer expected the last working day would be late August as we still needed to empty the warehouse but we moved all stock a lot quicker than anticipated and as a result we were sent on gardening leave.

 I myself have not been out of work since I joined the army at 16 years of age, some 18 years ago. So sitting at home was no way an option. Applying for jobs was a thankless process. My experience was relevant and suitable for the roles I was applying for yet I wasn’t even receiving responses from recruiters, which was further frustrating, considering I have worked for 3 Fortune 500 companies.

 I would apply for 100 jobs on line and would ‘if lucky’ get an email asking salary expectations and notice period for around 4 of those 100 applications. Then out of the 4 emails I might get one phone call from a recruiter. I was losing faith in my capabilities.

 Around one month ago I received a call from James Randall  (Jamie) at Consilium. We discussed a position he had in mind for me and we spent some time on the phone reviewing my work history and experience. The conversation was easy and flowed well making me feel at ease and comfortable. I got the impression that talking to Jamie was more of a personal experience and felt I was going to be looked after.

 Jamie gave me the basics of the new job role and said he would pass my CV over to the client. A couple of days later Jamie called to say they liked my CV and wanted to interview me which was great! My only current option at the time was to interview in London with a view of possibly having to relocate. I really didn’t want that to happen.

 Jamie emailed the interview details to me and on the day I arrived early. While I was sat waiting in the car, Jamie sent me a text to wish me luck which gave me confidence and again I felt supported.

 I had a good first interview and was invited back for a second. Again, Jamie was great at keeping me up to date about the interview; who I would be meeting, their position in the company and what was expected of me which really helped.

 Today I got the call from Jamie letting me know that I was successful which has bought three months of uncertainty and dread to an end.

 I have to say that throughout my job search and being contacted by over 40 recruitment agency’s Jamie and Consilium Recruit have been the only single company that have given me any real interview opportunities.

 I want to thank Jamie for being so supportive and Consilium, your team is way ahead of the rest who should be ashamed the way the treat new applicants.

 Good job Jamie and I thank you.

Damian Gould – Facilities Manager

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24th September

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