Food Industry Trends 2020

Without doubt, meat-free and plant-based innovations in the manufacture and processing of food is a trend set to continue - but so is health, well being & mindful eating, convenience, traceability and allergen awareness – all cited as the major food and drink trends for 2020.

Meat-free and plant-based food is expected to continue its popularity as consumers become ever more experimental of new ingredients and flavour combinations.

Without doubt this will open up further opportunities for brands and manufacturers to either enter this market place for the first time or continue developing their range even further. Food items such as vegan pate, or faux-gras, meat free pies, plus the infamous Greggs vegan steak bake are already available and growing in market share with new and additional product offerings expected to follow soon.

To discuss recruitment within the UK food and drink industry, either as a job seeker or employer then contact Jamie Randall, Senior Consultant - FMCG Division.   

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9th January

Manufacturing Industry Insight