Why are there so few women in Engineering?

It was International Women in Engineering day recently, and despite comprising roughly 50% of the population, women make up just 9% of engineers in the UK.

So what are we doing to encourage more women in to the industry?

A recent article in The Engineer this month featured Dr Caroline Hargrove (CTO of McLaren Applied Technologies) who addressed the issue, stating. “I’m not quite sure how to fix it, other than everyone trying to do a little bit.” And we believe this starts with education.

Steve Doyle, Consilium Director and STEM Ambassador discussed this somewhat controversial subject with 60 year ten female students from St Martins school from Solihull.

He highlighted the misconceptions and the reality of a career for Women in Engineering. ‘Times have changed and there is nothing stopping anyone from entering this field and we should do more to encourage the younger female population to consider engineering as an option.’ The response from the students was encouraging and provoked  positive questioning.

There are lots of opportunities out there to encourage women in engineering, and this is our way of doing ‘our little bit’.

If you would like more information on how you can get involved in STEM or would like Steve to come along to discuss the options, please get in touch on 01789 201040.

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12th July

Industry Insight