Who doesn’t like free stuff?

At Consilium our support goes beyond just making placements. As an established part of
the manufacturing and engineering community we feel it’s our duty to add genuine value to
our customers wherever possible. After all, one good turn deserves another.

Consilium Salary Guides


Do you know the market value of your employees?

Consilium Salary Guides offer a comprehensive resource for the latest remuneration
and recruitment trends across the Automotive, Aerospace and Manufacturing sectors
throughout the UK.

Produced annually since 2012, our salary guides will enable HR departments to
benchmark salaries for new hires, pay reviews, and budget planning.



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Best Practice Workshops

By drawing upon the knowledge and experience of some of the UK’s leading business
support professionals, we are proud to host a series of industry specific workshops at our
HQ in Stratford that are free to attend:


A manager’s guide to interviewing

Ask yourself the following; what is the purpose of an interview? Are you getting the most out of it, and importantly are you
hiring the right people?

If you’re unsure how to answer any of these, then you’re not alone. Fortunately Consilium is an authority in the art of the
interview and can advise your line managers on best practice interviewing technique.

Not only do we resource hundreds of candidates for our various clients every year, we also act as an extension
of the HR department for many of them, plus handle all our own in-house recruitment.


Introduction to immigration / visa law

UK business is becoming ever more creative and dynamic in its attempt to plug the skills gap. One solution which is often viewed
as being too complex or off limits, but needn’t be is the sourcing of overseas nationals.

Consilium has joined forces with Dean Winyard International (DWI) to guide companies through the complexities of UK immigration
visa rules and regulations. In short, discover how you can employ some of the best industry talent for your business without
the hassle.