Get Job Fit for 2021 – 3 Simple Steps!

Step 1: Don’t open your CV yet. First, complete the following four steps:

Set yourself a target – how many jobs will you have applied for? And by when? Write it down somewhere where you will be reminded of the target regularly and put it in your diary. (allow 2 minutes)

Detail what is wrong with your job currently – when you change you want it to be to something that better meets your needs. Start by identifying what needs to change. (allow 15-20 minutes)

List your recent professional achievements – make a note of what you have done that you are proud of and the impact that you have had. (allow 10-20 minutes)

Think like an employer – decide what aspects of your skills and experience are going to make you stand out to an employer. Write them down. (allow 15 minutes)

Step 2: Now it’s time to open your CV:

Review how it looks – Recruiters and HR will see dozens of CVs everyday so its important to form a good impression. Consider whether your CV is divided into clear sections? Is it easy to read? Can you readily identify your skills and achievements? (allow 15 minutes)

Restructure/rewrite- to make your CV stand out, think like an employer and decide whether you need to restructure or rewrite it. (allow 45 minutes to three hours)

Be ruthless – the more you have on your CV the harder an employer will find it to identify your relevant achievements. Don’t be afraid of white space, using bullets or removing parts of the CV that don’t add value. NB – if there is a gap in your career history then be prepared to answer questions about it. (allow 30 minutes)

Get a friend to review it CRITICALLY – if they don’t have any questions or suggested improvements then ask someone else. One of our trained recruitment consultants will happily provide you with objective feedback. (allow 30 minutes to make these changes)

Update your LinkedIn profile – employers will compare your CV with your LinkedIn profile to identify discrepancies.

Step 3: Now you’re job fit and it’s time to apply:

Apply for roles – Most jobs on jobs boards are posted by recruitment consultants. If you apply through the jobs boards your CV will almost certainly be reviewed. If you call the recruiter and then apply directly to them you will get a better service.

Tailor your CV and covering note for each opportunity – job descriptions will tell you the experience and skills that the employer is looking for. Make sure you draw attention to these in your covering letter and that they are clearly visible in your CV.

Keep a note of where you have applied and with whom.  Keep a note of which roles you have applied for, and with which companies to avoid applying for the same role twice and appearing disorganised and/or desperate to a prospective employer.

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